Monday, July 9, 2012

More of Eli Patoroch's Templates

I am sorry that I have been gone for a while, it is not that I dont have things to post, I do. I have been too busy with things going on in the real world. Anyway here are some links of Eli Patoroch's latest creations(I think):

Mortian Heavy Battletank Blood Pakt.pdf

Medusa Siege gun and earth shaker towed version:

MK1 Chaos dreadnaught:

Armored Rail car:

Hydra Flak Car:

Monstrous (Heavy) Transport:

Heavy Weapons and Rockets:

Dark Eldar Raider 2:

Rhino Mk1 Deimios:

Mk1C Rhino:ñ.html

Tower of Retribution:

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught:

Warden Knight Titan:

127 Caestus Assault Ram


128 Stormraven (PDF)

imperial armored train engine:


Turret fix:

 Black Templars MkIII Contemptor Dreadnaught:

129 Á Ïðèëîæåíèå CONTEMPTOR (PDF)

Chaos Decimator:

130 Decimator (PDF)

 Decimator shoulder plate fix:

Dreadnaught bodies

131\1 Drednoyt

131\2 Ultramarine and Luna Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught(PDF)

Blood Angels and World eaters Dreadnaught.pdf

Imperial Fists and Death Guard Dreadnaught:

131/5 Drednaught Raven Guard and Emperor`s Shields pdf
Attachment 3373 (

131\6 Dreadnaught Space Wolves and Thousand Sons pdf

131\7 Iron Hand and Iron Warriors Dreadnaught pdf

131\8 Drednoyt Salamanders and Word bearers pdf
Attachment 3385 (

Dark Angels and Alfa Legion Dreadnaught

White Scars and Night Lords Dreadnaught.pdf

Attachment 3470 (

131\11 Drednoyt Chapter
Attachment 3479 (

131\12 Drednaught Chapter 2 + basis

Rhino MkIV.pdf

32 Rhino MkIV.pdf Lion Warriors

Iron Warriors MK3 Dreadnaught

Dreadnaught weapons sets)...

Later on I will go through these templates and add the proper English names to them and confirm that the links work.It has been realized by myself and others that Eli's templates are designed for an A4 paper and not the US standard letter, you could rescale it smaller so that it will fit. I don't recommend doing that since it will make the model smaller than it should be. The other two solutions are to redo the templates or to print them on legal paper.

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