Monday, October 8, 2012

Reaver Monster Titan

So today I am watching Macross Frontier (a link for those who don't know what it is) and I keep thinking about my idea of making the Monster mecha from it into a Reaver titan. It is not the most grim dark mecha of the anime realm that could be used for 40K. But it definitely makes up for it with enough firepower and size for it to be used. Here is a link to a wikia article for those of you who don't know what the Monster is:

After scouring the web for the original paper model I had found years ago, I was unable to find the original website, but I did manage to locate the template on at the following link:

I believe the model might be too small at its current size so I plan to make a sample model to test it out and check the scale and them make the real thing at the proper scale. I really hope to have this model go from concept to reality quickly, but I really need to finish my War Hound first.

Now I do realize the weapon load out is kind wrong for a Reaver, since of course the Reaver typically has a large missile launcher on top. So I was thinking of just stating the the arms are the missile launchers instead and the top cannons are the normal gun cannons, thus functionally by the rules it would act the same as a Reaver Titan.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tau Titan

Sorry for the extremely long delay in posting, but other things have been taking up too much of my time (funny how life can sometimes get in the way). Anyway here is a post I intended to post a long time ago.

Here is a unique titan I found on ebay a while back:

In the coming future I plan to build one myself since these models don't cost too much on ebay. The model is a Gundam Serpent 1/100 scale from the movie Gundam Wing: Endless Walts.

Since I know this blog post will last longer than the Ebay listing here is what the item description said:

"Up for auction is a completely built, painted, and detailed model of a 1/100 scale Gundam Serpent Custom, which I built in 2010 for use as a Tau Titan in Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse games.  However, I find myself with less and less time to play Warhammer these days.  The titan has only seen battle once, and has been sitting on my shelf ever since.   

This is NOT a toy—it is a highly detailed 200-piece model from Japan, having been professionally built by me.  Gundam kits are somewhat difficult to build.  This kit cost me nearly $50. For a better idea of this model’s Gundam background, see this link:

The model is completely articulated, with arms, hands, and legs that move to create a variety of poses, and the model can be armed with a variety of weapons, including heavy burst cannons and a bazooka-style heavy rail gun. The model took over 20 hours to build and paint.  The model has been painted in the same white & blue/grey paint scheme that matches the rest of my Tau army, but I’m sure it can fit with many others.  The panel lines on the titan are hand-drawn using a paint pen, and the Tau insignia are decals from Forge World in the UK.  See the photos of the titan in comparison to several of my other Tau models.  The titan is a pretty formidable model, and really fits in well with a Tau army because it looks just like a giant crisis suit.  The titan stands about 10 inches high.

Using Games Workshop’s Vehicle Design Rules, I created the titan, calling it a Tiger Shark.  The stats for the titan are as follows:


        Points    WS    BS    S    Fnt.    Side    Rear    I    A

Tiger Shark    280    4    4    10    14    13    12    4    2

§          war machine, walker, 2 structure points

§          twin-linked heavy burst cannons (60”, H4, S7, AP4)

§          2 missile pods

§          heavy rail gun (96”, D, AP2, Heavy 1, primary weapon, submunition—S7 AP3 7” blast)

Winning bidders in the U.S. to pay $9 USPS Priority Mail Shipping with delivery confirmation and insurance.  Shipping to Canada will be $14 (need to pay customs fees, insurance, etc.).  I will welcome bids from Australia and Western Europe (shipping costs will vary); I will not ship to Italy or Eastern Europe.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.  Please see my feedback—I’m a straight shooter and make it a point to have every transaction come out flawlessly.  Thanks for looking at my auction, and please see the other auction I have for a custom Tau Super Heavy Tank, which I also built for use in Warhammer 40K Apocalypse games."

I purchased the model on ebay for a lot less than $50 with shipping. I will start building this model once I get
a few other Tau kits.

Also keep the spirit of the Tau going here are links to a few Tau Paper Hammer models:

Tau Devilfish: 2009


Tau Flats among other flats:

(Edit: Since megupload is dead I updated the link to the Tau flats to a link that does work, but the quality of the templates are greatly reduced. I will post a better link when I find one.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

More of Eli Patoroch's Templates

I am sorry that I have been gone for a while, it is not that I dont have things to post, I do. I have been too busy with things going on in the real world. Anyway here are some links of Eli Patoroch's latest creations(I think):

Mortian Heavy Battletank Blood Pakt.pdf

Medusa Siege gun and earth shaker towed version:

MK1 Chaos dreadnaught:

Armored Rail car:

Hydra Flak Car:

Monstrous (Heavy) Transport:

Heavy Weapons and Rockets:

Dark Eldar Raider 2:

Rhino Mk1 Deimios:

Mk1C Rhino:ñ.html

Tower of Retribution:

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught:

Warden Knight Titan:

127 Caestus Assault Ram


128 Stormraven (PDF)

imperial armored train engine:


Turret fix:

 Black Templars MkIII Contemptor Dreadnaught:

129 Á Ïðèëîæåíèå CONTEMPTOR (PDF)

Chaos Decimator:

130 Decimator (PDF)

 Decimator shoulder plate fix:

Dreadnaught bodies

131\1 Drednoyt

131\2 Ultramarine and Luna Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught(PDF)

Blood Angels and World eaters Dreadnaught.pdf

Imperial Fists and Death Guard Dreadnaught:

131/5 Drednaught Raven Guard and Emperor`s Shields pdf
Attachment 3373 (

131\6 Dreadnaught Space Wolves and Thousand Sons pdf

131\7 Iron Hand and Iron Warriors Dreadnaught pdf

131\8 Drednoyt Salamanders and Word bearers pdf
Attachment 3385 (

Dark Angels and Alfa Legion Dreadnaught

White Scars and Night Lords Dreadnaught.pdf

Attachment 3470 (

131\11 Drednoyt Chapter
Attachment 3479 (

131\12 Drednaught Chapter 2 + basis

Rhino MkIV.pdf

32 Rhino MkIV.pdf Lion Warriors

Iron Warriors MK3 Dreadnaught

Dreadnaught weapons sets)...

Later on I will go through these templates and add the proper English names to them and confirm that the links work.It has been realized by myself and others that Eli's templates are designed for an A4 paper and not the US standard letter, you could rescale it smaller so that it will fit. I don't recommend doing that since it will make the model smaller than it should be. The other two solutions are to redo the templates or to print them on legal paper.